What is personalization? An employee name tag is personalization, as is a permanent luggage tag. How about the little sign with the bank teller’s name visible at their station. I suppose all of these things could be achieved using a magic marker and a paper label, but what a difference it is to have something that looks professional and permanent.

multi samples

Maybe you’re carrying around a $500 dollar iPod that could so easily get misplaced. Having such an item marked with your contact information could save you a lot of time and money. That is personalizing a product.

bottle in box

Or perhaps you would like to send potential clients a permanent reminder of your business such as a key chain with their name on it. How about a wedding gift with the couple’s initials engraved on it. These are all a few examples of the endless ways things can be personalized. Awards 1 has the tools and materials to personalize something you already own and the access to products designed for personalization to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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