Industry, whether large manufacturing or light industrial often has need of  items such as small signage for machines, facilities or equipment, part numbering or labeling, jig components for production or actual parts for manufacturing, custom parts such as in needed in building prototypes or parts that require unique identification. This is particularly useful when assembling or repairing older items whose parts are no longer easy to come by. It is also particularly useful within the modeling industry – architectural models, scale model trains, boats, dollhouses, etc.


Both our lasers and rotary engravers are precision tools that can follow CAD files or vector paths created in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator using precise specifications to cut a single component or exact copies in unlimited quantities.  These components can also be engraved with  logos, text, patterns or texture.

Piano partPrecision parts were cut out from this sheet of acrylic for a business that specializes in restoring pianos.


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