Rotary and laser engraving and cutting as well as sublimation are each valuable tools for working with a wide range of materials to create images, words and objects. Each process has its strengths and can produce excellent results. However, using each process to create components that can be combined makes just about anything possible.

Shadow box football

And speaking of components, we have catalogues of manufactured items that can be added to the things we create in-house. What brings all of these things together into a cohesive whole is our knowledge, skill and imagination as fabricators. Fabrication is the process of assembly and since most of the work we do here is custom, our fabrication techniques have to be just as creative and unique in order to get the job done right.

Indian 2

It might be as simple as insetting a sublimated, laser-cut logo in acrylic into a wooden plaque, gold leafing a Tonka truck or making the baseball embedded in the broken glass of the shadow box look authentic and be safe and secure.

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